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Since the beginning of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who in , many actors have played the title character of The Doctor on television and in various BBC-licensed spin-offs on television, stage, radio, film, audio plays and webcasts. The character's ability to periodically regenerate his appearance and personality has facilitated the ability of new actors to take over

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The time has come once again for the internet to toss names about like insane monkeys in a zoo flinging poo at people passing by. Another actor playing the Doctor on BBC's Doctor Who has announced his retirement, so the list of familiar names for his replacement, along with some new ones, are making the rounds. For this list, we are looking at people who are unlike any actor who played the

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Paul Mcgann played as the 8th Doctor. Related Questions . Asked in Doctor Who Who is the eighth Doctor on Doctor Who? The eight Doctor is played by Paul McGann. His main appearance is in the

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Actor | Doctor Who Colin Baker was born in in the Royal Waterloo Lying-In Hospital in London during an air raid. He spent his earliest years in London with his …

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· The 50th Anniversary features Matt Smith, David Tennant and a mysterious incarnation played by John Hurt. Special mini-episode 'The Night of the Doctor' reveals the Doctor's dark chapter. The

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The Master is a recurring character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its associated spin-off works. The character is a renegade alien Time Lord and the archenemy of the title character the Doctor. The Master has been played by multiple actors …

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The War Doctor appears in the first issue, in a flashback. The War Doctor - along with his companion, the Squire - also appears in a number of flashbacks in the second year of Titan's Eleventh Doctor comic series, which involves the Doctor being put on trial for a crime he is believed to have committed in his earlier incarnation.

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The Seventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy …

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· At the same time Lumley and French were being considered to take over the role of The Doctor, Frances de la Tour—the Tony and Olivier Award-winning actress who played …

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As always with the Doctor Who series, there are always exceptions to the rule, and there is also an actor who played the Doctor before he was called the Doctor in a special 50th anniversary

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Originally young and robust, the ninth incarnation of the Doctor, christened the War Doctor by Alice Obiefune, set upon the warrior path for which he had been intended, and disavowed the name "the Doctor". Though the Time Lords and Daleks continued to refer to him by that name, he was also

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Originally, Russell T Davies approached Hugh Grant, who previously played the Doctor's alternate twelfth incarnation in the spoof The Curse of Fatal Death, to play the Ninth Doctor. He turned down the role, thinking the show would not take off. He expressed deep regret over this in after seeing how successful the show had become.

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Doctor Who is both a television show and a global multimedia franchise created and controlled by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). It centres on a time traveller called "the Doctor", who comes from a race of beings known as Time Lords. They travel through space and time in a time machine they call the TARDIS. This ship — which looks like a small, London police box on the outside

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McGann, of course, went on to play the 8th Doctor in the TV movie, a series of Big Finish audio adventures, and in The Night of the Doctor mini-episode last year. But while he’s been mostly well

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· With his body wearing thin The First Doctor collapses within the TARDIS as the first regeneration takes place Subscribe here for more exclusive Doctor Who...

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· The Doctor intends to take Rose to a pop concert, but instead they arrive in Balmoral, Scotland in 1879. They have a chance meeting with Queen Victoria who is traveling with her entourage to the Torchwood estate, home of Lord Robert and his wife, Lady Isobel.

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The Ninth Doctor is an incarnation of The Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor is portrayed by Christopher Eccleston during the first series of the show's revival in Within the programme's narrative, The Doctor is a time travelling, humanoid alien from a race known as the Time the end of life, The Doctor can regenerate his body

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· Today is #DoctorWhoDay, to celebrate 53 years of our favourite show here is ALL of the Doctor’s regenerations collected together from to 2013. Let us know which is your favourite ...

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· His Doctor was played as an absent-minded professor, complete with tweed jacket and bowtie (which he obliviously insists is cool), with a sometimes mercurial disposition. He …

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· Everyone and their mother has made a video with this title, but I thought I'd do more than just the face change and show the ninth Doctor in the TARDIS immediately following the …

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"Susan" was the name most commonly used by a Gallifreyan who was the original companion of the First Doctor, her grandfather. A descendant of Rassilon, Susan travelled with the Doctor and reunited with him in their fifth (TV: The Five Doctors) and eighth incarnations. (PROSE: Legacy of the

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On Aug. 4, a new actor will be named during a live BBC special, titled "Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor." Click through to see scenes from "Doctor Who" through the years, as well as every actor

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· Season 11 isn't Doctor Who and my rating reflects that. The writing for this latest season is weak. The stories are weak. It's so disappointing. My skepticism about a female Doctor was laid to rest at the feet of a poor effort. Perhaps a great female Doctor can be had (Missy was tremendous), but not with the current stories. What chance

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In the 24th episode of the series Epic Rap Battles of History the Tenth Doctor is in a rap battle with Doc Brown from Back to the Future when he is shot by a Dalek and regenerates into the Fourth Doctor (played by George Watsky). A background character appearing in one episode of Toast of London resembles the fourth incarnation of the Doctor.

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Doctor Who, also referred to as Doctor Who: The Movie to distinguish it from the television series of the same name, is a television film continuing the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was developed as a co-production between BBC Worldwide, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, and the American network Fox.

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· Note: With the eleventh season (or series, depending on what you like to call it) of Doctor Who on its way, and with a new female Doctor making her …

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The Twelfth Doctor is, according to Capaldi, "more alien than he's been in a while." Whilst still defining himself as someone who "saves people," the Twelfth Doctor cares little about being seen as a hero or even being liked by the people who he is trying to save.

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· When young Amelia Pond gives the Doctor the apple, he takes it with his left hand, and although we never see him put it in his pocket we can assume he puts it in his left trouser pocket. Later when older Amy traps the Doctor by locking his necktie in a car door, the Doctor pulls the same apple out of his right pocket. However, there is always

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McGann is quite possibly the best actor to have played doctor who. Was he the best Doctor? It's debatable, especially because of the Big Finish productions, but his skill in all the roles he's played …

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Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. Whovians Unite! Tired of looking for Doctor Who Mods? Well here is a little collection that I put together that includes multiple Doctor Who Mods created by Whovians all over. So Allosny into this Fan

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Patrick Troughton played the Second Doctor from to BBC As just the second actor to play the Doctor, Patrick Troughton created a remarkable legacy for himself and the show.

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Paul McGann, who played a later incarnation of the Doctor, said Hartnell's "seemed like a Victorian, someone kind of stern and paterfamilias about him. Something kind but scary". One quirk of the First Doctor was his tendency to become occasionally tongue-tied and stumble over words.

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· “Happy birthday to Daphne Ashbrook, who played Eighth Doctor companion Grace! 🎂 #DoctorWho”

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· I thought the kiss really added to this Doctor's character, but only because he then left her behind on Earth. Anyone who thought there was too much action obviously cannot remember the Jon Pertwee era when Doctor Who could hardly go an episode without high speed antics of some sort. Who thinks Jon Pertwee was a bad Doctor? No one, and quite

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That time the 12th Doctor played George Harrison opposite the 8th Doctor’s brother as John Lennon

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Where did Dr. Shaun Murphy go? Read TVLine's recap of 'The Good Doctor' winter premiere (Season 1, Episode 11), then discuss the episode.

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The Captain Kirk Problem: How Doctor Who Betrayed Matt Smith The actor playing the 11th Doctor performed more than admirably for four years. But the show's writers let him down.

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That figure, of course, was Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American engineer whose invention of the alternating current (AC) power system in the late s went on to revolutionise the 20th century.

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· The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) must work with his previous incarnations, the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and the War Doctor (between 8 and 9, played by John Hurt), in order to forestall a Zygon invasion and reconsider his own past decision to burn both the Daleks and the Time Lords. Billie Piper even makes an appearance! The story includes

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· The Good Doctor's fall finale is a strong episode, but unfortunately, there is one storyline that fails to live up to its potential. On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10, Shaun and Jared work

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The Doctor also wore a brown cotton duster coat over a high-collared shirt with a grey cravat and grey trousers. While in India he had worn a grey homburg hat with red trousers, stout boots and a linen jacket. The Doctor once dressed in a loose cotton shirt and trousers, with a floppy white sun-hat. He later changed into a white shirt and jeans.

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